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John Shuttleworth - The A1111 And Other Ones! Double Vinyl LP (FRP2LP003)

by John Shuttleworth



John Shuttleworth is the character created by musician Graham Fellows, who has also on occasion been known as Jilted John, best remembered for his massive hit in the seventies, Jilted John. John Shuttleworth is a completely different kettle of fish. John is a fifty-something unemployed man living in Sheffield, who is fond of DIY and writing songs on his Yamaha keyboard, which are inspired by his life.
“The A1111 – And Other Ones” is John’s third greatest hits compilation, released to co-incide with his “Last Will And Tasty Mint” tour in 2017 featuring more super songs with honed lyrics!

'A national institution' The Times
'Comic genius' Metro
'Punch the air to character comedy in a class of its own' The Sunday Times
'The Godfather of character comedy' Evening Standard

Double Vinyl LP version contains 5 bonus tracks, exclusive to the vinyl version, making 27 tracks in total!

Also available on CD in 22 track form!

A1 The A1111
A2 One Cup Of Tea Is Never Enough (and 2 is 1 too many!)
A3 Mingling With Mourners
A4 The Toaster Song
A5 Midweek
A6 Get The Volvo, Val

B1 Relatives In Rotherham
B2 The Brough Rest Area
B3 Early Tea
B4 Glove On The Wall
B5 I Want To Be A Community Leader
B6 Smells Like White Spirit
B7 Heartache And Heartburn
B8 How's Yer Nan?

C1 My First Polo
C2 Bars of Soap (are disappearing)
C3 Caravan Capers
C4 Whatever Happened To Vince Hill?
C5 Visiting Time
C6 Red Wine And Hobnobs

D1 Biscuits and Confectionery *
D2 Yorkshire Pudding (theme from The Shuttleworths) *
D3 Give Us A Ciggy *
D4 Alone With The Day *
D5 Coconut Girl *
D6 Love The Toad
D7 Sutton On Sea (featuring Gordon Giltrap)

* Vinyl Only Bonus Tracks