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FREE RANGE PRODUCT is a brand new label from the people who have brought you acclaimed independent punk label Boss Tuneage for the past 25 years.

The ethos behind FREE RANGE PRODUCT is to do a series of bespoke reissues and new releases, predominantly on vinyl , of some amazing artists who don't necessarily fit under the usual styles of punk Boss Tuneage is known for.

FREE RANGE PRODUCT is the name chosen as basically this label has a completely free range on what type of music we will be releasing, but be assured it will be with the same quality Boss Tuneage is recognised for!

Be sure to keep checking our store for lots of great upcoming releases.

Alternatively all our releases should be available in all good record stores, and we wholeheartedly recommend you support your local store too! If your store does not have our releases, then please ask them to stock, or alternatively contact us for wholesale details.